Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. The project I was most successful in was the Landscape painting, it was one of my best projects that I have ever done, also I enjoyed it. I painted a close up of a valcano errupting, but I added more colors to it to make it my own. Usually valcano erruptions are made up of just basic colors like orange, yellow, and red; but I added blues, pinks, and blacks to the basic colors to bring out contrast and character. I was most successful in this project because I thought I used great contrast of color and I thought I blended it well. This project was one of my best, not only for this class, but for everything that I have ever done. I thought it was my best because I actually liked how it turned out, with the color usage and the way I put it together. I enjoyed this project because I actually love painting, and I love earth; so painting landscapes is enjoyable to me.

2. The project I learned from the most was the Anamorphosis Drawing. I learned how to make complicated objects look like they are standing, I learned how to draw the liquid in a bottle, and I learned how to draw shine on an object. I drew a perfume bottle, which is something I have never drawn before, I usually wasn't very good at drawing any kind of bottle... especially full of liquid; I also never had drawn anything as complicated as a perfume bottle in perspective. Perspective is hard as it is, but to draw an object in detail and in perpective is very hard and has to be done perfectly in order of it to look right; lucky I think mine turned out to look pretty good. Something that was really hard for me was drawing the liquid inside the perfume bottle; drawing the air bubbles and the way the liquid sat in the bottle was tedious. Another tedious part of this project was drawing the shine on the glass of the bottles and the silver bottle cap, it was very challenging and new for me to draw in shine and value like that. This was a challenging project, but I enjoyed it.

3. Another project that had to do with perspective was the Game Drawing project which was done after the Anamorphosis Drawing. The Anamorphosis was almost a lead into perspective, drawing Game board in perspective is a lot harder than drawing an object in perspective. The board game I chose to draw was Candyland which seemed like a good idea at first, but turned out to be very difficult. Even though the goal was to have a perfectly done game drawing and a rough drawing of an object... mine was the other way around. Even though my Game Drawing wasn't very good, I still grew as an artist. I grew manly because I had never drawn in perspective like this, and I had never drawn a board game.

4. The project I felt was least important was the Mural drawing, because it didn't really teach any concepts; it seemed as though it was just assigned to us for fun. This project was very fun, but pointless; it was fun because it was a way to get to know a few people in the class, it was a way to get outside, and it was a way to let our imagenations run out of the bow a bit. All the reasons for why it was fun is important, but not important to the class it's self.

5. The project the reflected me as an artist the most was Value Portraits, drawing people is what I like to do, people are probably the best thing for me to draw. In my Value Portrait I was assigned to draw Emma, we became friends through me drawing her. Drawing detailed portraits of people is fun for me, shading in all the values of the face and adding personality to the face is very fun to me. This project is personal because I drew one of my now very close friends, it was my first assignment of the class, and it was fun for me to do.

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