Thursday, January 10, 2013

Landscape Painting

1. The project I was most successful in was the Landscape painting, it was one of my best projects that I have ever done, also I enjoyed it. I painted a close up of a valcano errupting, but I added more colors to it to make it my own. Usually valcano erruptions are made up of just basic colors like orange, yellow, and red; but I added blues, pinks, and blacks to the basic colors to bring out contrast and character. I was most successful in this project because I thought I used great contrast of color and I thought I blended it well. This project was one of my best, not only for this class, but for everything that I have ever done. I thought it was my best because I actually liked how it turned out, with the color usage and the way I put it together. I enjoyed this project because I actually love painting, and I love earth; so painting landscapes is enjoyable to me.

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