Friday, December 7, 2012

The first part of this project was looking for pictures on the google images of "famous" buildings in three bifferent parts of the world, places we each could choose. We all editted each picture in Photoshop, and turned them into black and white images, making them look like stenciles. After we edited the three images we chose our best. I chose my Taj Mahal. After we printed out our edited buildings we projected them into larger images on the walls, we traced the image on a big white sheet of paper. We chose the parts we were going to cut out, we could either cut out the black or white sections. After we cut out the sections we spray painted it onto our back grounds. The back grounds were maid up of cut out paper from books or magazines glueed together and colored. The color of the building stencle spray paint contrasting with the back ground color is very important.

Monday, October 29, 2012

This project was deffinatly not my strongest, and it was not my favorite; I struggled with cutting out spaces in the linolium, making my print look messy. I tried to put a lot of detail into my print to take away from my mess ups, which worked pretty well. When I was cutting the linolium I felt like the print would turn out really bad, but once I printed it didn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would. I felt like my textures ended up pretty well done, especially the textures in the tree. Also, i wanted my color choice to make the print look like an Autume theme, which turned out very nicely.  I added a lot of texture because I felt like it would improve the quality of the print. The more texture i added the better the print looked, and I saw this in everyones print. I wanted my print to have an equal amount of spaces with a lot of texture and none at all, that way the print didn't seem overwhelming to look at. My positive spaces were the spaces with color, and the negative was the black spaces. Both spaces were needed, without those spaces the textures would not exist. Also with the positive and negative spaces I was about to show and capture a foreground and a background, the foreground was the spaces with color and the background was solid black, I wanted to put the attention on the foreground.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Texture is is so important in this project because it is really the only details that are in this project. The animal and the background is hard to draw and hard to come up with off the top of your head, so we needed refrences for every detail we had in our drawings. This sketch, of my hedgehog, is by far the strongest drawing out of the three I have. It has a lot of detail, and looks like it is very well drawn and layed out.

Chalk Mural
Working in a team for such a big project like this is very helpful and it makes it a lot more fun. Doing a hug picture like this on a wall is very time comsuming, but having five people working on it speeds the time up a lot. At first this project seemed very hard to do, because it was so big, but as time went on and the more we worked  on it. Interactive projects are great, but they are harder to make because you really have to think about you can make the art work interactive.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is me holding up my Value Portrait final. The Value Portrait  project was a pretty complicated process: first, everyone in my class had their picture taken from the shoulders up including me; second, everyone my class got assigned one of those puctures to use for our Value Portraits; third, we used the picture to trace over the values (shadows) it had onto a piece of trace paper; fourth; shaded over the back of the trace paper fully; fifth, we put the peice of trace paper over a blank piece of paper in our sketch books and traced back over the lines which would print the image into the skecth book; and sixth, we shaded in all the values that were shown into our sketch book. This is what came out of it for me.

Finding the different values was easy, because you basically had to trace over all the lines you saw, so if there was a darker spot on the picture you just trace the shape of it.

I think I found all the values and came out with a really good piece. I don't think I was affraid to go dark, or afraid to go light.

At first I thought my art work fior this would trun out messy, but when it all came together it looked pretty realistic, and looked a lot like the original portrait.