Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 The Anamorphosis Drawing was, to me, one of the easiest projects the class had to do; it was also one of my favorites.
First, the class had to find an image on the computer of an object that we would like to draw; it had to be an inanimate object. Second, we copied the image into photoshop for the computer; in photoshop we blew up the image of the object to make it look like we were looking down onto it, then we printed. Third, we put a grid onto the paper that our objects were on, and used a gride on a blank page in our sketch books, the grid was one inch by one inch and was used to help us draw a copy of our object accuratly. Fourth, we copied or image of our object into our sketch books with pencil, then colored it with colored pencils. Fifth, we added a black shadown under our drawing to make it look like it was 3D and standing up. I thought that mine turned out pretty good, I didn't really learn anything new.

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