Friday, December 7, 2012

The first part of this project was looking for pictures on the google images of "famous" buildings in three bifferent parts of the world, places we each could choose. We all editted each picture in Photoshop, and turned them into black and white images, making them look like stenciles. After we edited the three images we chose our best. I chose my Taj Mahal. After we printed out our edited buildings we projected them into larger images on the walls, we traced the image on a big white sheet of paper. We chose the parts we were going to cut out, we could either cut out the black or white sections. After we cut out the sections we spray painted it onto our back grounds. The back grounds were maid up of cut out paper from books or magazines glueed together and colored. The color of the building stencle spray paint contrasting with the back ground color is very important.

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